Category: Podnikové poradenství. Analýza. Optimalizace. Projektmanagement. Dashconsult.

Podnikové poradenství. Analýza. Optimalizace. Projektmanagement. Dashconsult.

Market analysis

Would you like to know more about a specific field f.e. purchasing power,  competition, or possibilities? We are able to analyze it and put together relevant information pertaining to you and to make a comparisons regarding your target.

– national economics – GDP, inflation, structures of economy, exchange rates, labour market etc..

– population and population density, income and household statistics, purchasing power, household furniture and fixtures, gross wages, behavioural patterns of consumers etc…

– calculation of a relevant market, structure of competition, analysis of competitors’ marketing incl. the distribution channels, strengths and weaknesses of competitors, customer loyalty, price comparison etc..

– structure of suppliers, suppliers’ reliability, purchasing prices..

– market access barriers, corruption, legal conditions, the behaviour of national Monopolies, Mergers commission and cartel office…

– working regulations, planning laws, permission and licensing limits…

– business trends, political trends, consumer satisfaction, risks, opportunities… and more.