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Would you like to open a business in foreign country? Would you like to compare several locations or find a specific candidate? According to your wishes, we find realizable locations, that are most suited to your specifications. We value our independence, and are exclusively there for our clients.

Examples for the categories of our analysis:

1. Cultural and psychological relatedness

2. Safety of the investment

3. Criminality

4. Country conditions and Employer

5. Speed of delivery and distances

6. Location costs

7. Insurance market and premiums

8. Staff quantity

9. Employments costs

10. Logistic Market and Infrastructure

11. Tax rates

12. More costs for incoming goods

13. Delivery costs


Examples for subcategories of category “1. Cultural and psychological relatedness”

a. Total population having completed at least upper secondary education

b. Political Rights

c. Individuals’ level of computer skills

d. Corruption index

e. Democracy index

f. Civil Liberties

g. Press freedom

i. Share of enterprises having access to the internet in %


Our aim is to supply you with facts. With the facts which make your decision easier.

Podnikové poradenství. Analýza. Optimalizace. Projektmanagement. Dashconsult.

Market analysis

Would you like to know more about a specific field f.e. purchasing power,  competition, or possibilities? We are able to analyze it and put together relevant information pertaining to you and to make a comparisons regarding your target.

– national economics – GDP, inflation, structures of economy, exchange rates, labour market etc..

– population and population density, income and household statistics, purchasing power, household furniture and fixtures, gross wages, behavioural patterns of consumers etc…

– calculation of a relevant market, structure of competition, analysis of competitors’ marketing incl. the distribution channels, strengths and weaknesses of competitors, customer loyalty, price comparison etc..

– structure of suppliers, suppliers’ reliability, purchasing prices..

– market access barriers, corruption, legal conditions, the behaviour of national Monopolies, Mergers commission and cartel office…

– working regulations, planning laws, permission and licensing limits…

– business trends, political trends, consumer satisfaction, risks, opportunities… and more.


Business Analysis

For planned projects good conditions for implementation must be created, such as the creating of correct social forms. In advance of the start-up it is necessary to determine the operating costs and tax consequences.

Market analysis

Location science and analysis

Law comparison


Formalities in Foreign Countries

Consulting in Exhibitions and Fairs

Strategy and implementation



Auditing and Controlling

Various organizations have set different rules for internal processes. They are called differently: Rules of Procedure, the Code, guidelines, regulations, principles, etc., and they are formulated differently. These are not only standards for cost accounting and the creation of reserve funds

Offers and services

Offers and services

Our job is to provide accompaniment, to observe and describe, and to compare and analyze the statement of objectives, concepts, project plans, and to control and fine-tune.

Our work can begin with the project idea and end with the completion of the project. But also we like to take a part or subdelivery for you.

Our understanding of the project:

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What we do

We build bridges between the familiar and the less familiar worlds. Our work is to provide accompaniment, to observe and describe, to compare, and to analyze the statement of objectives, concepts and project plans, the controlling and fine-tuning.

Our familiar world is Germany, Austria and the CEE countries, here we observe, collect information and analyze it, and here we guide you to build with.

Our work can begin on the project idea and end with the completion of the project. But we also like to take part in the subdelivery for you.